Radcliffe Cricket club, a club with history

The Radcliffe Cricket Community sports club has been around for many years but didn’t start its life as a Cricket ground. The racecourse ground as the name suggests was used for something quite different from its use today.

Today, cricket is the order of the day and spectators can enjoy a wonder around the ground whilst listening to the romantic sound of knock on willow. The peace and tranquility of one of the oldest and greatest games ever played is only occasionally interupted with chants of “OWZATTT” and everyone glances over to see if the umpire will raise that finger. 

I can’t think of anything better to do on a lazy day, in the sunshine with a cold glass of beer from the bar…. Perfection. 

Sir Garfield Sobers (Gary Sobers)

FIFTY years ago Radcliffe Cricket Club pulled off one of the biggest sporting smash-and-grabs of all time when they signed a relatively unknown, though promising, young West Indian Test cricketer to be their next professional.

For between that late-summer day in 1956 – when Radcliffe’s chain-smoking committeeman John Lowe persuaded Sobers to sign on the dotted line for £500 – and the start of the 1958 season, the 20-year-old Barbadian was to make the highest Test match score of all time, 365 not out against Pakistan. Suddenly a signature that had an element of speculative risk about it was looking like a bargain!

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